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E-mail Questions to [email protected]

From: Lori S., Akron, OH
Ace, who will play in your band on the next tour?

Ace: Hi Lori, thanks for your question! I'll be going back out with the same band I had since the Space Invader tour. We have my old buddy, Richie Scarlet, on guitar, Chris Wyse, who used to play with The Cult, on bass, and Scoty Coogan on drums. Scoty is a great vocalist as well!


From: Tommy G., Las Vegas, NV
Hi Ace! I'm a really big fan! Are you returning to KISS in 2017?

Ace: Hey Tommy! I always leave the door open, and anything can happen in the future. If it does, it would be wonderful, but if not, I'm having alot of fun with my solo career! I'll be playing in your area in early 2017, and we hope to see you at the show!


From: Pat K., Washington, D.C.
Why did you decide make a covers CD?

Ace: Hi Pat! The idea came from my label. Originally, I wasn't that excited about it, but once I went into the studio, it just snowballed, and I really enjoyed the experience!


From: Chad B., Luton, UK
How close is the Gibson Custom Shop "Budokan" model compare to your original guitar?

Ace: Hi Chad! Great question! The neck and frets feel exactly the same! It's pretty much an exact copy!